Pakistan’s intensified diplomatic efforts to engage Iran in arming Islamic military alliance

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attorney general attributes are shared by Iran’s special task given Iran enough protections not yet agreed to join Saudi military alliance, Tehran this regard, media reports
Islamabad: akstan Iran has stepped up diplomatic efforts to join the military alliance formed by Saudi Arabia, while the prime minister had delegated the task to the Attorney General shared attributes for this purpose Iran still in Saudi alliance not willing to join. According to media reports, Pakistan has stepped up efforts at the diplomatic level for reconciliation to convince Iran Saudi with 41 foreign Islamic militant coalition, led by Arab contributors and Tehran and Riyadh, the prime minister said Attorney General Ashtar attributes to the special Task is given.
The report said that the shared attributes this regard, last month visited Riyadh and has several meetings with Saudi Crown Prince while he will also visit Iran in the coming days to ensure that Saudi alliance from participation in decision-Iran relations could be affected because Pakistan Iran to convince the full participation in the Saudi military alliance that is trying and Sharif’s military alliance headed by the decisions of the kind Iran relations shall not be adversely affected.

The military alliance led by former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif are (R).